Dining and Socializing

One of the big things that people may find when they get connected with The Manor Village Scottsdale retirement community is the joy of dining options. There are things like cafes and catering services if you have guests or family members over for certain occasions.

This can be great for the holidays because elderly people may not have the same desire to do so much cooking like they did before when they were younger. They may have spent most of their lives cooking for others and serving their adult children and their grandchildren. In the retirement community they have the ability to get catering services for certain occasions where they may be celebrating with visits from family members. This is especially valuable for people that may be having birthday parties.

The Medallion Dining Room at the Manor Village Scottsdale, AZ gives people a chance to enjoy some great dinners if they are interested in dining with others that are part of this retirement community. People that come to The Medallion dining room have access to soup and salads like the pear and blue cheese salad or the cream of carrot and ginger soups.

There is also a Health Smart options menu for people that may have certain dietary restrictions. All of this makes it easier for people that are interested in adding a dining program to there living arrangements for the retirement community. A good thing about this is that there is even tray service for those that may not feel like getting out and going to the dining room.

This meal plan even includes daily snacks and meals for morning, afternoon and evening. This certainly eliminates the hassle of going out to a grocery store for food items